North News: August 28

North News: August 28 1024 697 Samantha Lynn

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Late August brings the best of summer. Vacation, sunsets, socially distant patios, swimming, ice cream, jumping off a dock, and of course, another edition of the North Newsletter! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to soak up the sun!


What everyone’s talking about…

TikTok CEO, Kevin Mayer quits amidst ongoing political turmoil. The drama hasn’t slowed down as Walmart confirmed it’s teaming up with Microsoft in a bid for TikTok. In a statement, the big-box retailer said TikTok’s integration of e-commerce and advertising “is a clear benefit to creators and users in those markets.” This comes at a time where Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon, with plans to launch a subscription-based membership program called Walmart+. Oh, and TikTok finally delivered on its promise to sue the Trump administration.


More on IG Reels

The Ultimate Guide from Later is here! As with its close cousin Tik Tok, authenticity is the name of the game on Reels. If your content isn’t top quality, and made for the platform, it will flop. Lifestyle brands, this format is for you – so far fashion and food companies are leading the way!

Facebook Announces Beta Launch of ‘Horizon’ VR Social Experience

Aside from games and cutting edge experiences, Facebook aims to focus on the social aspect of VR by getting users accustomed to engaging in digital words. Why this matters? The next big step for VR is providing a platform for people to connect in the digital realm. Now that the WFH shift is a reality, VR will provide new opportunities for collaboration. Can’t wait!

KFC on Pause – For Now.

What happens when COVID hits and your brand is built on a motto that doesn’t really keep people safe? Check it out.


You’ll never have to look up social asset sizes again.

Building out awesome new creative for a client, but can’t remember the pesky dimensions for a Twitter in-feed video? A Pinterest pin? A LinkedIn Ad? Have no fear! Social Sizes IO is a one-stop-shop for all social asset dimensions. Bookmark it.

What does SEO Stand for again? Let’s get Back to Basics.

Search Engine Optimization is a practice that helps to make your website rank higher in Google. Better SEO helps to increase website traffic, improve user experience and overall drive more conversions. This article from Google gives a little refresher on the topic. Why should you care? As more businesses are forced to move online, websites are the new storefronts!

Looking for some Pinspiration?

Collaboration is a core to our industry, and it’s hard to do remotely. We often think about Pinterest as another platform for our clients, but what if we use it for ourselves? The visual nature of the platform and breadth of creative inspiration makes it a great tool for brainstorming and collaborating. Take inspiration from Mara Leccocq as you read through her creative Pinterest Process.?


Plus! The Holiday 2020 Pinterest guide is here.?