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Byte, the Reboot of Vine, Surges After Trump Claims He Could Ban TikTok

TikTok, the app that has taken the world by storm, is facing its biggest challenge yet with a potential ban by the Trump administration in the coming weeks. Byte, the spiritual successor to Vine, saw a 14,000% rise in downloads as panicked TikTok users look to find a new platform for their short-form content. Founded by Vine creator Dom Hofmann, Byte launched in January 2020 and like TikTok and Vine before it, it’s geared to delivering small, bite-sized content to its users.?


Why this matters: With TikTok gaining steam in Canada, a lot of brands are considering testing the waters, which is greatly encouraged. If the US bans the app, will Tik Tok lose popularity due to fewer content creators or will Canadian numbers grow as Americans shift platforms?


Several High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked in Massive Security Breach

On Wednesday, July 15, Twitter experienced one of its largest hacks ever as multiple accounts of high profile users and brands, including Apple, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Uber, and more were accessed. The hack saw the affected accounts tweeted out a Bitcoin link promising to double the money sent to the account. Reportedly over $300,000 had been transferred to the link before reports of the hack started coming through. After temporarily restricting verified accounts from posting, Twitter has since taken back control and restored account functionality to affected and verified users.?


Why this matters: We should look at this incident and ask, “are we prepared for something like this?” It is always a good time to ensure login/security credentials have been updated and there is a crisis plan in-place in case there is ever an incident involving a brand account on Twitter or any other social platform.?



Everything is changing, but some businesses are coming out on top.

As media and pop culture has shifted from studios to zoom videos, from IG to Tik Tok, the landscape for creators is changing rapidly. Consumers are hungry for authentic, interesting and relevant content that speaks to their experience as both a viewer and shopper. outlines 30 Companies that are defining the future of media and pop culture. From YouTube channels, to clothing brands to music labels, these genre-bending businesses are worth learning a lesson or two from. Read on to learn about 88 Rising, Barstool Sports, Genius, Complex, Bon Appetit and more.?


Why this matters: Consumers expect everything to be digital. They are also looking for online communities during quarantine. Lean into these desires by integrating your content, e-commerce, merchandise and more to bring shoppers into not only your brand, but your entire world.?


For CPGs, the time has come to own the digital customer experience — and deliver

For decades, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry was rooted in a traditional retail model – a model that has ultimately been disrupted by COVID-19. An article from Think with Google shares that 20% of Canadians purchased a brand that was new to them during COVID-19 that they plan to continue to buy.?


Why this matters: With more people open to trying new products (online), CPG brands have an unprecedented opportunity: brands can use their owned-and-operated digital channels and partnerships with retailers to meet new consumer trends right now, and for years to come. Google shares a few ways to do so:?


  • Use digital channels to not only tell brand stories, but provide up-to-date product information and connect customers to products


What this means for brands: Now may be the time for a refresh…

      1. CPG websites play an important role in providing accurate information. In June, almost half (45%) of Canadians surveyed said they have discovered new brands through online resources during COVID-19.


  • Build an exceptional omnichannel and D2C experience


What this means for brands: Consider how you can make shopping easier for the customer. An app? Shopify site? A refreshed e-commerce experience??

  1. Reach digital customers with first-party data and insights

What this means for brands: The traditional retail model meant brands did not have a clear view of their digital customer. To get closer to digital customers, brands need to deliver innovative value exchanges to drive consumer data acquisition. Take Lysol’s HERE for Healthy Schools website, with resources, educational games and family activities relating to healthy habits.


Instagram Gives All Users the Option to Pin Post Comments

Instagram announced a new feature allowing users to pin up to three comments within their posts. The goal of which is to highlight positive comments to help manage the tone of conversations, as well as encourage thoughtful engagements.?


Why this matters: For brands, this feature is a way to highlight top responses, which can in turn, recognize enthusiastic members of your community, amplify common questions and answers, or encourage insightful questions. One consideration is to avoid pinning only positive responses so it doesn’t look like you’re hiding criticism!



and extremely relatable ad to get you ready for the weekend…

Apple’s ode to remote working captures our daily struggles – it sums up everything from family responsibilities, appropriate Zoom-call attire (no pants), BRAINSTORMS with little thunder, deadlines, and attempts to establish some sort of ‘routine.’ Whatever that means. We invite you to chuckle, cry, LOL…maybe a mix of all three emotions.


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